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Olympus Global Executive Recruiting Delimeted Search
Olympus Global Executive Search and Recruiting Human Solutions For The Global Community

Delimited or Engaged Search

This search option offers customized hiring alternatives to address specific circumstances a company may have.

Examples include:

Target Marketing may be an optimal solution for clients who have identified a professional or group of professionals but may not be in a position to secure those individuals.

Candidate Acquisition is an ideal solution for a firm that has qualified talent who are interested and qualified for the position but requires assistance with the overall recruitment process. Olympus can provide a comprehensive and seemless service including pre-screening, interviewing, reference checking, on-boarding, benefit analysis, relocation assistance, offers and counter offers, and transition first day.

Selection Process is an extremely cost effective option for companies with an excessive pool of candidates. Olympus can filter applicant resumes to identify top talent. It is especially useful when a very specific set of skills and qualifications are required to fill a position.

Qualification Process offers a premium opportunity for clients to ensure that the candidate being considered is the right talent required. Olympus will conduct targeted customized assessments, skills testing, reference checking, and background checks.

Training Hiring Managers' services are designed and tailored to ensure your hiring team has the requisite tools and skills to successfully compete in attracing top talent in today's business environment.


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